Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ahh.. spring!!

Celebrating the festival of Ridvan with the Bellingham Baha'i community. 
Grammy Sharon and Alden enjoying the service

Taking the view in at the Skagit Valley Tulip festival. 

I'm in love with this baby :-*

I am SO thankful that the weather is finally warming up (although, I really can't complain - it's still snowing in our hometown Juneau, Ak!!) I think when you have young children your day can be transformed when it's nice out and they can get some good outside time. Parks, a walk, playing at the beach or just hanging out in the back yard can be the cure for a cranky toddler (which we have a lot these days) We also feel so grateful to live in a place where family can visit frequently, this month we've spent a lot of time with Grammy Sharon and Uncle Corey who came up for a weekend. We also drove up to Vancouver for my cousin Jessica's baby shower, where we met up with her family.

I can't believe that Alden is already 4 months old! It really has gone so much faster the second time around. I learn more about his little personality and about myself as a parent every day. He is smiling and laughing, rolling over from his back to front, grabbing at toys and hair (ouch!), and loves watching his big brother's antics all day long. Keelan talks pretty much non-stop from dawn till dusk, is loving is outside time and much more engaged when interacting with is little buddies at playgroups. He's understanding the concept of 'sharing' and will say "my turn!" when another child tries to take a toy from him (or visa versa!!). He is now climbing out of his crib, which means toddler bed - here we come!

I'm getting more comfortable in my new role a little more every day, and reminding myself to pause and enjoy these fleeting baby moments ;-)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby Alden*

Alden Denton born 12/31/12

Our 'big boy' enjoying the snow at Mt. Baker
After a loooong break from blogging, I've decided it's time to start documenting our lives again. It's been quite the transition from one child to two and it seems like a miracle if both children are sleeping/content at the same time and I get a spare moment. I'm sitting here right now looking our sleeping two month old in his swing (and our 26 month old in his room) and know how much I've been blessed. Alden Bruce Denton was born December 31st, 2012 at 7lbs 13 oz and 21 3/4 inches long. He had a bit of a slow start as far as gaining weight but now is rocking out in the 90% for length! He is a sweet little baby and we're loving him more and more each day.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Halloween Chicken!"

October was a busy month for us. We celebrated my birthday having brunch with friends at our house which ended up being a lot of fun with the toddlers running around. We we're lucky to have both Grandma Susan and Grammy Sharon come visit us and spend time with Mr. Keelan. We also got to attend Todd's Grandfather Eric's 90th birthday party in Seattle! Keelan got to see loads of family that he hasn't seen in quite a while including Aunt Heidi and her fiance Dennis, Todd's cousin Chet and his wife Sally and kiddos, Grandpa Bruce and Grammy Sharon, Todd's uncle Steve and his wife Janny, Aunt Catherine, and of course Great Grandpa Eric and Great Grandma Ruth. We stayed at a nice hotel and all the youngin's went swimming together. Unfortunately for me, I was quite sick over that weekend/week and spent most of the time in bed, so didn't really participate in the festivities :-( When we got home Grammy Sharon hung out with us for a whole week! Which was super helpful cause I was a sick preggo lady who even had to take antibiotics, ick. Halloween was a lot of fun with Grammy Sharon, we went to a 'candy free' kids fair dressed as a chicken family and a gypsy - didn't last too long their but Keelan loved it. He also LOVED passing out candy and trick-or-treating. He kept saying "More houses!!". My favorite line of the night was when he answered the door and said, "Halloween Chicken!" to the trick-or-treaters. It was pretty cute! We traded his tiny bag of candy for grapes, he didn't mind at all. The couple days after Halloween Keelan had a low grade fever and was under-the-weather but thankfully it didn't last long and he didn't end up like his Mama. 

Now, at 32 weeks pregnant, I'm anticipating the holidays which mark the last handful of weeks before this new baby boy arrives! Auntie/sister Sarah is going to come for almost a whole week for Thanksgiving, taking a break from med school in Yakima, Hooray! I'm really excited for her to have a lot of time off and hang out with us. My Mom is planing on coming to Bellingham for a whole month when baby boy comes and my sister will come back for Christmas to celebrate and help out too. So, there's a good chance we'll have three capable adults (NOT including myself) in the house when this baby arrives, that would be the best Christmas/holiday present EVER! Keelan needs the entertainment/support, that is for sure. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

"terrible" two-ness & walk-bouts

This morning was the first day back to storytime after a short summer hiatus and wow, it was pretty miserable. For me that is! The class was fine, and Keelan enjoyed himself for the most part, but he was not... how do I put this... on his best behavior. Over our time going to the library, I've noticed something interesting about the population of storytime goers. There are loads of girls of all ages, many baby boys and 2.5+ boys, but a serious lack in the 18-30ish month range. Hmm... Keelan is most definitely in that category. I have to give myself a pat on the back for keeping my cool as he wandered around on the stage (where the teacher says not to go) gently encouraging him to move back to the seats and smiling as he wandered around looking into all the other Mom's diaper bags saying, "Snack? Snack?" (fits when I wouldn't let him eat their food). Oy. But, we made it out alive and I didn't loose my cool. I may have to gear myself up to go again next week :-)

This afternoon I was thinking about how much I've been enjoying our neighborhood walk-abouts lately. We've had such amazing weather these last couple months, 70's and sunny! We usually go see some neighbor's chickens, goats, dogs and gardens. Keelan is getting pretty good at naming the pumpkins, apple trees, tomatoes and other various growing things.

Today was also his first time exploring finger painting (have NO idea why I haven't tried it before!) and he was hesitant at first, but then started loving it. He started putting the paint in his mouth, hair and on his body, but I let him go for it until the eating it part got out of hand, then it was time for a bath! Later in the day he asked me to "eat color!" ;-) Such a funny dude.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Experimenting with toddler activities

Around fourteen months (he's now 20) or so I noticed that although Keelan's verbal skills were on the rise, his fine motor skills weren't developing as quickly. I started thinking back to my Montessori assistant days (summers during college) and the activities I observed and helped set up. The majority were for 3-6 year olds and too advanced, so I started scouring the internet and pinterest for toddler fine motor activities and 'busy bags'. I was shocked at how many awesome activities I found and started putting things together from stuff we had in the kitchen (mostly coffee and oatmeal containers) and around the house. Oh... then I discovered the dollar store and bought more cheap supplies for his activities. I was amazed at how much he enjoyed focusing on these simple tasks and I think they have helped him develop. He does get frustrated with them at times; more recently asking, "Mommy, help!" or just throwing them all over the floor. But I've decided it's part of the 'process' :-) I've also realized I HAVE to get him used to being at home more, we tend to be out and about a lot, and I know once the new baby comes we'll be home-bound much more than Keelan is used to. So, this is part of planning our future sanity as well! 

Here are some 'action' shots I took from this morning, hence the pants-less boy. 

Popsicle sticks


Straws & multiple holes (+ check out the curls!)

Farm animal figurines

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some Summer Memories

Here are a few pics from the past few months, not quite chronologically, but pretty close. We had an amazing summer with lots of family time and sunny warm weather. Todd just started back with teaching this week and I can't believe this is my second year NOT in a classroom but as a stay-at-home Mom, crazy! I'm enjoying the final few months of just Keelan and I bopping around town, exploring parks and making friends until the new baby boy arrives. So much change just around the corner for our little family.

Keelan and his second cousin 
Keelan and Great Grandpa Jim

Great Grandpa Jim

Christianson family

Grandpa Steve

Great Grandma Silvia and my cousin Anna

Grandma Susan

Love this Bellingham view..ahh

Auntie Sarah
"Doctor" to-be Sarah

Grandma Susan, her Sister Barb and Great Grandma Millie

Cousin Jessica's wedding in LA